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Taiwan's Magnificent Mountains

If you're looking to soak up the astonishing view of Taiwan, it's time to lace up your hiking boots and hit the heights. Taiwan is home to some magnificent mountains that form a legendary landscape and is so hard to resist. Nothing can prepare you for the incredible sight of the wilderness in Taiwan and you'll be romanced by the star-studded night sky on top of the mountains.

There are five main mountains in Taiwan, each with varying degrees of challenges and charms. Stretching from the north to the south, the five main mountains are: Coastal Range, Alishan Range, Yushan Range, Central Range and Xueshan Range. The peaks, slopes and dramatic landscapes brimming with exotic wildlife attract both amateur and adventurous hikers.

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The Heart of Asia

Taiwan is famous for its towering mountains, with dozens of peaks rising upwards of 3,000 meters and one, the scenic Yushan (Jade Mountain), reaching to nearly 4,000 meters, making it Northeast Asia's highest peak. The geographical richness of Taiwan is especially evident in the mountain areas of the island with their unique landscapes and scenic charms.

One can also discover stunning scenic views on the beautiful coasts of Taiwan. The Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area and North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area stretch between green mountains and the deep blue sea, offering expansive ocean vistas. And the arboreal passageways at the East Coast and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area will cause wonder and delight. In the sun-soaked south Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area awaits with its tropical charms. And the mountainous Maolin National Scenic Area welcomes you into a world of aboriginal culture, butterflies, the stone houses of the Rukai and nature's scenic beauty.


Penghu Bay International Light Festival

A light festival where art, culture and technology converge, an annual light festival where you will see the outlying archipelagos of Taiwan- Penghu come to life. Penghu Bay International Light Festival delights its visitors with a thematic spectacle each year. This year featuring mermaid as the main character with a series of enchanting light shows, art installations, interactive displays and music performances.

Date: 12 September to 14 November 2020
Address: 1 Jieshou Rd., Makong City, Penghu County, Taiwan.

Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine Cuisine Festival

While planning your nature escapade in Taiwan, your itinerary is no doubt full of adventurous hikes, leisure farms, and stunning seaside. But what would compare to soaking away your stresses and anxieties by taking a dip in the hot springs surrounded by serene nature?

When the winter is approaching in Taiwan, you'll find hot springs at its peak celebrating Taiwan Hot Spring and Fine Cuisine Carnival. There are many places around Taiwan where you can enjoy soaking in hot springs, relieve everyday tension and help you sleep better. We've put together a list of hot springs in Taiwan for your next vacation.

Travel Idea
The Giant High Heel Church

From scenic nature reserves to the traditional humble town, Chiayi has attractions that will tantalise the adventurous and fun-loving travellers.

In Budai Township of Chiayi, there's a massive glass church, shaped just like a giant high-heeled shoe resemble the glass-slipper from the fairy tale – Cinderella. The high heel church, made out of over 320-tinted blue glass structure, is 17-metre height and 11-metre wide, constructed by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration.

The design of the high heel church is to commemorate the widespread Blackfoot-disease in the southwest coast during the early days; many survived women had their legs amputated.

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